coco Ingredient philosophy

We begin with chocolate made by a French manufacturer, Valrhona that honors fair trade and biodiversity while sourcing its cacao. For our tea-infused truffles, we use local, farm-fresh cream produced by Arruda’s Dairy, a family-owned farm that is dedicated to sustainable farming practices. They shun growth hormones and nurture their cows in a pesticide-free environment. We also have vegan options, using a plant-based cream.

For 20 years we have been loyal to Rishi Tea that sources its teas directly from farmers in India, Japan, China and Thailand, offering an assortment of organic teas.


COCO packaging philosophy

Since our arrival to Rhode Island in 2005, we have maintained a “green” packaging philosophy, using compostable cellophane bags made from wood pulp, boxes made from 100% recycled materials, reusable tea-tins and pillow boxes. We also encourage our patrons to repurpose our beautiful ribbons.


Because we are dealing with chocolate, all orders are shipped using USPS, priority mail which delivers within 2 days in most locations in USA. During the months of May through September, packages must be delivered and accepted by a person. We cannot leave a package on a porch and especially not in a mailbox. If you or the person receiving the package will not be home, please know that you will need to pick up the package at the local post office.