It is a beautiful, winter day in New England and I am enjoying the sun on my face, the invigorating breeze lilting by and the birdsong whispering in my ears. The delight in this present moment is nurturing…I am so grateful to be attentive to what is happening in this “place in between.” Earlier this week I was meditating and read an ancient writing from the Radiance Sutras translated by Lorin Roche, PHD that truly resonated with me and in reflection realized this has been my path for the last two years…”this place in between.”

Let me elaborate. Since I closed the doors of la maison de COCO chocolate café, one may think that I would feel an absence or a loss. On the contrary, I have felt quite blessed and at peace. This time has allowed me to create a new vision for la maison de COCO, to establish a new website, to create new products, to lay the foundation for the barn construction project, to gain inspiration from other chefs by traveling, and to find a business partner.

Lorin Roche explains, “Samputa  ‘the place in between’ evokes the image of the heart as the infinite singing bowl.” I interpret this as the “sweet spot” of meditation while rolling truffles and dipping chocolates. Is it any wonder that so many of my creative ideas emerge during this “place in between? “

This past year has been a lesson of acceptance and faith that patience has been my friend and that in taking this time and enjoying the place in between for la maison de COCO, the fruits of this creative energy will be rewarding for us all!