It is not always true that the Universe surrounds us with like-minded people but when it does, there is a quality of peace that envelops us. For the past year, since I have been restructuring la maison de COCO, I have noticed small and large companies who have chosen to join me in dedicating a portion of their sales to those in need.  I used to think of this as an affirmation that I was on the right path. Today I think it is a lot bigger than that; I see it as a shift in human consciousness. On my flight home this past Monday, I read an article in the Technology section of the New York Times Style Magazine that struck a cord with me. It was an article about the new vision of entrepreneurs in today’s business world. Two of these entrepreneurs stood out to me: Vineet Singal founded CareMessage as a nonprofit but he refers to his business model as a “for-purpose” social enterprise.  I love this straightforward and compassionate approach to business. Leila Janah also started three non-profit organizations helping the underserved that are all under one parent company, Sama Group. She is quoted in the article as saying, “A job is not just income; It’s dignity, hope and purpose.” I couldn’t agree with her more!

To that end, I am collaborating with MISSION– Newport on a chocolate bar that will be sold at their burger restaurant with 100% of the net profits going to Universal Promise – a non-profit organization serving the underprivileged in South Africa. We will be launching the Mission Bar on November 20th with the desire to offer dignity, hope and purpose to those in South Africa.