We got an early start thinking that perhaps the lines would be shorter at the Expo; however, no luck there. Some visitors are waiting in line for somewhere between 4 to 7 hours!! Luckily there was only a half hour wait at the Mexican Pavilion and we were up for that. This time gave me the opportunity to take some beautiful photos of the pavilion; a remarkable design by Francisco López Guerra Almada, with Jorge Vallejo. They paid tribute to one of the country's most important food sources: corn. Inside, we were greeted with a wise philosophy: "It all starts with a seed, a promise in the palm of the hand; each seed is the carrier of an inheritance." This pavilion shared the history of cacao in Tabasco, the Eden of Mexico. I wholeheartedly share their philosophy that plants are not only a food source but also have an important role in healing the body. Have you had your dark chocolate today? Do you remember the signs I used to write on the backsplash behind the COCO Bar at la maison de COCO?  

"Dark chocolate helps to lower the plaque build up in our arteries, reducing the risk of heart disease."