Tea Infused Truffles


Tea Infused Truffles

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All of our truffles are hand-rolled, hand-dipped and infused with tea. We use cream from a local farm in Rhode Island where practicing sustainable farming is a priority and chocolate from a company practicing Fair Trade and Bio Diversity.

12 piece box $39 with one flavor

25 piece box $79 Deluxe assortment of the Fall/Winter and Holiday Collections for holiday entertaining 

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Spring/Summer Collection Flavors:

Berry Bramble - dried berries from a summer harvest like blueberries, raspberries and cherries

Bergamot Bittersweet - slightly spicy, citrus notes from the oil of the bitter lemon from Bergamotta

Citron Oolong Bittersweet enrobed in white chocolate - sweetness of lemon curd 

Hibiscus Orange Milk Chocolate - for those who adore the classic combination of orange and milk chocolate

Jasmine Peach Blossom Bittersweet - floral notes of jasmine and peach blossom with a powdery fullness

La vie en Rose Bittersweet -  a warm summer evening with the perfume of rose that finishes with a hint of mint

Lavender Bittersweet - when you taste this truffle you will be transported to the lavender fields in Provence

Lemon Myrtle Bittersweet - hints of herbaceous lemon balm and myrtle

Mint Meadow Bittersweet - woodsy, mint notes as if you have just walked over mint in your garden


Fall/Winter Collection Flavors:

Brandywine Bittersweet - no liquor, simply tea with a nose of apricot brandy

Forêt Bittersweet - cinnamon with the scent of the forest floor

Ginger Bittersweet - spicy notes of ginger

Indian Spice Milk Chocolate - cardamom, coriander, cinnamon and black pepper

Plum Oolong Bittersweet - my original truffle brings out the fruitiness of the bittersweet chocolate

Vanilla Orchid Bittersweet enrobed in white chocolate - truly has the nose of a vanilla bean with its lingering sweetness

Xocoatl Bittersweet - my salute to the Mayans who introduced us to chocolate through a cacao drink made with chili peppers and spices. The only truffle made without tea.


Holiday Collection Flavors:

Noël Bittersweet enrobed in white chocolate - pure holiday scents of plum, cinnamon and hints of pine...ending in sweetness

Holiday Mint Bittersweet - nothing says holiday more than spearmint and mint